Sailing School

Can I enroll in a sailing course, even if I have never sailed before?

Yes, our sailing courses are especially suitable for beginners. Our goal is to make sailing known to those who has never experienced it before. You'll discover that sailing is truly affordable for everyone.


What are the pre-requisites needed to go sailing?

First, it is important to be in good health and then it depends on the sailboat on which you want to start. If it is on a dinghy as the Optimist or Laser, then it is essential to know how to swim. If you want to start on a bigger boat, like a lake or sea cabin cruiser, then there are no special requirements .


Is the course held even if it rains?

The only reason to postpone a sailing course is a storm! If it rains we'll exercise indoor and there will be games with knots and sea stories.


From what age can I attend a sailing course?

The ideal age is 7, however, depends greatly on the physical structure and the child's ability to concentrate. If in doubt you should contact me to discuss your case.


Up to what age can I attend a sailing course?

The good news is that there is no limit as long as knees hold up and brain works!


Can my parents attend the course?

Sure, they are welcome! However, we kindly ask them to keep some distance and above all not to intervene during the lessons on the ground, to let us live our sailing experience independently even though we are still small.


What equipment and clothing do I need for a course?

In general, you should bring a short-sleeved shirt, a sun hat, a swimsuit, sailing shoes or sneakers that can get wet, sunscreen, sunglasses with a lanyard to prevent them from falling, a towel and a complete change.


How long does it take to learn sailing?

At the end of the course of 5 afternoons you'll be able to arm, disarm and steer the boat on your own. Also you get to know the main rules of navigation, point of sailing, winds and especially if you're careful you will learn the great enterprises that have inspired navigators of all time.


Is sailing dangerous?

Safety is the first rule of the course. The weather conditions are always evaluated with the utmost care and we will prevent the release into the water when bad weather threatens. The movements are explained and repeated with care to avoid injury or sprains. The safety jacket is always on when we enter and when we come out of the water.


I already have the basic knowledge of sailing, are there appropriate courses for me?

Yes, if you have already attended a sailing course you can participate in the advanced group who trains during the year or you can arrange private lessons adequate to your level.


Do you have any books that you would recommend to learn how to sail?

To learn how to sail the best thing is... practice, however, I can recommend some basic texts:

•  Glénans, Mursia Publisher , 2011

• The long route. Alone between the seas and skies, Bernard Moitessier , Mursia Publisher, 1999

•  Sailing Alone Around the World, Joshua Slocum

•  La vela è un gioco bellissimo! Andrea Cestari, Addictions-Magenes Editoriale, 2007

Summer Camps

Can I join even though I've never sailed before?

Yes, the only prerequisite is the desire to make new adventures!


Can I participate in a two-week cruise in a row?

Yes, and in this case you can get a discount when you register.


What clothing do you recommend I bring?

You will receive a clothing list at the time of enrollment.


What documents should I bring with me?

You will need to bring with you your ID card or passport and permission to expatriate signed by your parents.


Are there additional charges?

The registration fee includes the cost for the food, ports, diesel, boat and skippers for the entire week.

The price does not include food and purchases ashore, transport costs to and from the boarding base (flights, cars, taxis, shuttles, etc.).


Are boat and crew insured?

Yes, boat and crew are covered by insurance for third party liability, injury and rescue.

For any other detail please refer to our General  Conditions


Why organize my holiday on a sailing boat with Tuttinbarca?

Tuttinbarca is a reliable and high quality partner to organize every aspect of your sailing experience thanks to over thirty years of experience at sea. Whether you want to discover new countries or visit those you already know. Whether you just need a bareboat or a crew ed one. Tuttinbarca knows the needs of sailors and is ready to hear yours!


Can you help me find the right boat for my vacation?

Yes, we know the secrets of sailing boats and we want to make sure that you can find the best boat you need. We work with the most serious and reliable partner to ensure you peace of mind during your holidays on boats of excellence and quality. Contact us and find out which boat suits you.


What certificates do I need to bring on a boat chartered without skipper?

The charteree of the boat who is also skipper of the boat must have permission to sail offshore (i.e. sailing license and VHF radio certificate) that must be carried always with him.


Can you help me hire a skipper?

Yes, we know competent, reliable and discreet skippers and each of them has tons of experience. We recommend them only if we know them personally or have sailed together.


How long does a cruise take?

The charter contract usually starts on Saturday afternoon and ends the following Saturday morning. You can charter for more than a week and are usually eligible for a discount. You can also charter for a period of less than a week.


What is included in the charter?

The boat is equipped with all the safety and navigation equipment. These generally include GPS, autopilot, tender and everything necessary for navigation. The following is also included in the charter price: linens, sheets, pillows, blankets and the kitchen is fully equipped with everything you need.

Depending on the type of boat, many have bimini, spray hood, CD radio.


Are there additional charges?

Final cleaning (obligatory), full diesel tank, port taxes, transfers, skipper, outboard engine and spinnaker.

A refundable deposit is required and is payable in cash or with credit card.


What sailing experience do I need to charter a sailboat with skipper?

In most cases it is not required any sailing experience .


What is the best time to rent a sailboat?

It depends on where you want to sail. In the Mediterranean Sea, the season runs from May to September. The month of August is always the most expensive for rentals. Between June and July, the prices vary depending on the week of the month. May and September are the most convenient and less frequented periods.


Can I bring children onboard?

Yes, children are welcome onboard. From 3 years old there is no problem. A safety net can be set up on the boat and life jackets are available for everyone. For children, the experience of sailing is exciting, engaging and memorable.


Can I bring pets in the boat?

Normally it is not allowed to board pets, unless otherwise agreed with the charterer .


Is there coverage for mobile phones?

In most locations there is coverage. In the long distance cruise and in offshore it is possible that the coverage is absent or limited.


Can I use on-board chargers for cell phone?

Onboar you can use your mobile phone charger plugged in 12 volt car plug or the standard 220V plug.


What clothing should I bring?

You will receive a clothing form at the time of enrollment.


Are boat and crew insured?

Yes, boat and crew are covered by insurance for third party liability, injury and rescue.

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