Fabrizio is father of two children and sailor. In fact, Fabrizio was sailing before he could walk. How is it possible? Well, just think that in the belly of his mother he had already traveled the length and breadth of the Gulf of Trieste…

Fabrizio has the sea in his blood and the wind in his head. This perhaps makes him a little crazy, but being normal never was his ambition!

Onboard Sarif, the family ketch, he explored the Mediterranean Sea and counted all the waves of the Adriatic Sea…

Once he completed his graduate studies in Economics, Fabrizio began a ten-year banking career which ended with the awareness of not wanting to give up his talents to become addicted to a life too easy.

Meanwhile, he directed the refitting which in 2006 returned Sarif to her ancient splendor, and survived a six days storm in the Atlantic Ocean that profoundly marked him and left a great desire to carry on the adventure.

Midway upon the journey of his life, at the age of thirty-five, Fabrizio left the world of finance to open a sailing school and begin to teach others what until then grew inside him.

Fabrizio has taught many people to love sailing, and he is constantly learning and training himself. He knows the secrets of this ancient art because he learned from the greatest masters such as Bernard Moitessier and Joshua Slocum.

Since 2011 he is an advisor for the Explorations Course of the Rudolf Steiner School in Origlio.

In 2013, already a international skipper and sailing instructor in Ticino, he became aware of how important it was to create a container for all his sailing experiences, and so he developed the multi-project Tuttinbarca and founded the sailing association. 

From 2015 to 2018, on SanMa – the Fun Jeanneau moored on Lake of Lugano – he offers sailing license preparation courses and enjoys participating and winning regattas and sailing events on Lake Ceresio.

In 2016 Fabrizio starts sailing on Tilda, Southern Ocean 62 Ketch, blue water cutter of 18.9 meters and two masts, found in Southampton abandoned by previous owners in their voyage around the world, Tilda is brought back to life thanks to a full and meticolous refitting and then transferred from England to the Mediterranean, through the English Channel, Gulf of Biscay, Strait of Gibraltar, by Fabrizio and a close-knit team of friends. Tilda’s destinity is to become, in the Med and over the Oceans, the school ship of Tuttinbarca Project.

In 2020, following his training at the Hamble School of Yachting, he receives the certificate of Yachtmaster Offshore from the Royal Yachting Association (RYA).

On November 21, 2021, subsequent to sixteen years of projects, programs and preparations, he takes part in the ARC 2021 with Tilda to cross the Atlantic Ocean, from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to Saint Lucia, West Indies, where he lands on December 10th after eighteen days of navigation in rough trade winds.

Following one and a half year of exhilarating sailing in the Caribbean Sea, on May 2023 he starts to cross the Atlantic east-bound to sail Tilda  back to the Med; so he organizes a trip from Martinique to Genoa that will last five months, along more than 5'000 miles and that will get involved seventeen rotating crew members.

Fabrizio probably knows all the emotions related to sailing, both the negative ones like fear, uncertainty, pain, home sickness and failure, and the positive ones such as joy, freedom, ardor, energy, peace, courage, surprise, contentment and enthusiasm. And these latter are fortunately the most abundant emotions in his happy experience as a sailor!

Have you ever wondered how would our lives be if we would not listen to our hearts or not follow our dreams at least once? Fabrizio did ask himself, and for this reason he decided to devote himself to make others discover that sailing is a great way to keep alive the child within each and above all is a recipe full of adventure, excitement and beauty to defeat the gray routine that can slowly devour us.

Fabrizio will never stop believing that sailing makes Human beings more united, strong and responsible.

What they say about us

The explorer and motivational speaker Alex Bellini is Testimonial of Tuttinbarca

Fabrizio was ON AIR on TV RSI La1, Falò 03/09/15 – Radio RSI ReteUno, Albachiara 17/04/15 – Radio RSI ReteTre, Tira 08/05/2014, July 2013, 11/04/13. He was interviewed on Illustrazione ticinese, June 2021 – il Malcantone, June 2020.

"The experiences that I lived with you and the various crew members, are among the dearest memories of mine and the skill and knowledge acquired under your lead are invaluable" Lucas Parente

"Very calm, competent, gentle, calm instructor. Beautiful experience!" (Sailing Licence) Sabrina Martinelli

"I believe that sailing is among the best things in life” Vanessa Faria 

“Thank you again for the wonderful sailing course” Claudia Abate

“Thank you again for the amazing experience you made us live” Claudio Ferro

“Thank you so much for the beautiful week of sailing! Luca my son was happy! Thank you” Elda Rezzonico Molino

“…Fabrizio from your eyes I can see the love and passion that you have for the sea. I got involved and emotioned. Continue your journey because you can touch the heart of many people” Luca Datteo

“Fabrizio has the sea instead of blood in his veins and you feel the tail wind that he has for his passion. I cannot wait to bring my team onboard with him and live the experience of sailing to grow and have fun” Vito Cortese