The experience of the Tuttinbarca Summer Sailing Camps:

During the Camps the participants discover new horizons, meet other young people and make new friends. It is an enriching experience, but also an intense one. Therefore, don't force your children to join a Camp if they don't like it. Take some time to carefully read the program with them.

Attention, the number of seats at the Camps is limited, to avoid disappointment, explain to your children that no seats are guaranteed.


  • Only those who are Tuttinbarca supporting members and have paid the contribution the year in question can participate
  • Age limit: from 10 to 20 years, exceptions are allowed with the consent of Tuttinbarca and based on the availability
  • Interest in Summer Camp activities and the program offered
  • All participants must carry out a short interview to know each other and to assess their motivation
  • A certain independence of the participants (for example they must know how to dress and wash themselves, make the bed, set the table). In addition, in certain situations, they must be able to postpone their needs to those of the group
  • Willingness of parents to entrust their daughter or son to the care of the team of instructors for the duration of the entire Camp
  • Know how to swim in open sea and deep waters
  • Be in good health and fit to practice sports
  • Possess injury and third-party liability insurance

Important information for registration:

  • Fill out the registration form available online correctly, completely and truthfully and send it to info@tutttinbarca.ch
  • Registrations are taken into consideration according to the date of arrival
  • It is possible to register brothers/sisters in the same Camp using only one form. If two people are registered using the same form, the registration confirmation is sent only to the e-mail address of the person who filled in the document
  • A confirmation is sent quickly after the receipt of the registration; travel preparations can begin once confirmation is received. The round trip to/from the boarding base is the responsibility of the participant. Children generally meet at Malpensa airport
  • Tuttinbarca is not responsible for the flights/transports purchased by the participants
  • All forms are available on our website www.tuttinbarca.ch. All other information will be provided to you by the end of May


Obligations of the participants:

  • By participating in a Tuttinbarca Summer Camp the participant undertakes to integrate into the community of the Camp and to respect the rules in force in the Camp
  • To allow you to intensely experience the Camp, the activities and contact with nature, it is advisable not to bring a mobile phone. Smartphones and other electronic devices prevent participants from fully attuning to the Camp and integrating with the group and will be taken over by the instructors at the start of the Camp and returned at the end. In case of need, parents can contact the instructors and vice versa
  • It is forbidden to carry cameras or other tools for photography/video (GoPro, drones, etc.) on board
  • If the participant is not at ease (e.g. tries to escape, very strong nostalgia), Tuttinbarca reserves the right, at the discretion of the instructors, to make him/her interrupt the experience of the Camp. In this case, the participant is taken home by the person who holds parental authority, and who will assume the costs of the return trip
  • Participants suffering from contagious diseases (or in case of well-founded suspicion) must return home accompanied by those who have parental authority, who will assume the costs of the return trip
  • The use of violence (both verbal and physical) and other disrespectful, offensive and socially unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated
  • The consumption of drugs or alcohol and the abusive use of computers, tablets or mobile phones (especially the viewing of pornographic material) are strictly prohibited
  • It is strictly forbidden to carry weapons of any kind, alcohol and drugs on board
  • In the event of serious infringements, participants can be excluded from the Camp and will be taken home by the person who holds the parental authority, who will assume the costs of the return trip

Costs and services:

  • The price includes food, accommodation on board, boat liability insurance, port taxes, diesel, Tuttinbarca t-shirt, Sailor's Log book
  • The price DOES NOT include food and purchases ashore, transport costs to and from the boarding base (flights, cars, taxis, shuttles, etc.), anything else that is not specified in the point above
  • The Camps aim to remain accessible even to less well-off families. If the fee is too high for the family's budget, it is possible to request a subsidy. Send us a brief motivation by e-mail at info@tuttinbarca.ch. However, there is no entitlement to a reduction.


  • The payment of the participation fee includes the membership fee
  • Payment can be made in two installments (50% upon registration + 50% at least 60 days before the start of the Camp). In this case there is a supplement of € 30 on the fee
  • There are no supplements in the event of a one-time payment at the time of registration


  • The boat is covered by third-party liability insurance
  • All personal insurances (third-party liability, injuries, ...) are at the expense of the participants
  • We recommend to subscribe a cancellation insurance
  • Since the Camps take place abroad, we recommend that you check the validity of the corresponding insurance coverage


Cancellation fees:

  • The participant can cancel the registration, and receive a full refund, up to 14 days from the date of the first payment
  • In any case, Tuttinbarca can hold:
    • 30% of the cost for cancellations up to 60 days before the start of the Camp
    • 70% of the cost for cancellations from 59 to 30 days before the start of the Camp
    • 100% of the cost in case of cancellations less than 30 days before the start of the Camp
  • If the participant is unable to participate due to force majeure and notifies Tuttinbarca in writing at least 4 days before the start of the course, the participant has the right to participate in the first available Camp or other subsequent Camps at no additional cost
  • In the event of a last-minute impediment by the participant, Tuttinbarca will not assume any reimbursement of expenses. If you wish to take out specific insurance, please contact your insurance company or travel agency (see Insurance)
  • Participants who leave the Camp before the end of the program are not entitled to any refund

Suspension or changes:
  • To ensure the safety of the boat and crew, the Camp may undergo changes, especially with regard to departure and return times to the port, and the program may also be modified based on circumstances beyond Tuttinbarca's control, such as weather and sea conditions, customs formalities, national holidays and natural disasters
  • The suspension of a Course is a decision that rests solely with the Captain
  • If the Camp does not take place for reasons independent of the participant, Tuttinbarca undertakes to reserve him a place in one of the following Camps, but in this case Tuttinbarca will not bear any additional expenses incurred by the participant (flights, stays, transport or other)
  • If the Camp is suspended or modified due to force majeure (bad weather, technical problems, accidents or the lack of safety conditions) nothing is due to the participant, including all additional expenses such as flights, stays, transport, etc. In this case, Tuttinbarca undertakes to reserve him a place in one of the following camps


  • The participant is not responsible for damage suffered by the boat during the Camp, unless they are caused intentionally, in these cases Tuttinbarca can request reimbursement of repair costs at current market prices or by presenting the repair invoice
  • Tuttinbarca is not responsible for damage to the personal items of the participants (such as loss of clothes, breakage of the diving mask, electronic devices in custody etc.)
  • Tuttinbarca is not responsible for any damage and/or injuries resulting from the participants' failure to comply with the rules of the Camp or the instructions of the instructor team

Photo and/or video rights:

  • During the Summer Camps, the team of instructors, depending on the situation, take photos and/or make videos and make them available to Tuttinbarca for further use. The rights relating to this material belong to Tuttinbarca
  • Participants grant full right and permission to Tuttinbarca to publish and/or transmit by any means, photographs or footage of people or boats during social activities, including but not limited to television commercials, multimedia channels on the internet, social media, and other channels that may be used for editorial/advertising purposes. The processing of the images collected will be carried out in compliance with the law.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction:

  • The place of jurisdiction is Lugano
  • Swiss law is applicable.